Admiration 25th October 2009

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I hoped you enjoyed the photos this week from the Cayman Islands wedding of Eric and Haydee. Today’s final photo of Eric and Haydee is one of them enjoying each others company on the balcony. I Earlier in the week I was talking about how I prefer wedding photojournalism which is an alternative approach where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. This is a good example of a photo that could be staged. And we actually tried a few posed photos. However, I find the Bride and Groom just don’t relax. So I excused myself and let Haydee and Eric carryout a conversation and I went into the adjoining room. I then started to take photos of them interacting. I find, as in this photo, you can capture so much emotion when they forget the photographer is there.

Strobist Information: Canon 30D with 85 mm f/1.2L II Lens and natural light.

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