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One of the reasons that Smith Cove is frequently used for weddings is that you have the sand, the sea and the iron shore. For this photo Haydee and Eric were posing on the iron shore while I waded into the water. I was able to take a number of great shots but I wanted to different angles, so I kept moving further and further into the water…and before I knew it I was up to my waist but didn’t care as I was getting great photos. That was until I came out and someone asked whether I remembered to empty my pockets before I went into the water. Unfortunately I had my SanDisk Compact Flash cards in my pocket. Long story short, I was able to retrieve all but two photos from the cards after washing them with fresh water, blow drying them and leaving them sit for a couple of days.

Strobist information: Canon 30D with a 85mm f/1.2 L II lens, 580 EX II flash with a Gary Fong diffuser.

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