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This shot was taken for’s Boot Camp II, Assignment 1 (  As we were taking the "normal" headshots, Suzy commented that she free dives and has free dove to sixty feet!  I can’t even image how one can do that, but needless to say I am very impressed.  That got me thinking…while I am sure when they said in the assignment to "Make it Appropriate" they didn’t quite mean this, I thought what the heck and we headed out to the pool 🙂  And yes, in the bottom right corner is a photo of me.  The assignment also required that the model take a photo of the photographer.

Strobist Info: Shot at around 2100 Hours outside in the swimming pool with the pool light on using my Canon 5D Mark II and the new 24mm f/1.4L II lens.  A Canon 580 EX II camera left at approximately 1/16 and an Olympus Flash camera right at approximately 1/32.  Both were shot through 42" Westcott umbrellas.

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